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How do we learn those languages that are not our mother tongues? Methods, perspective, experiences...

In modern research, it is generally accepted that L2 (second language) learning differs in some ways from the way we all learn our L1 (aka our "native" language). The nature of these differences as well as the "cut-off" age after which L1 becomes L2 have been subjects of much discussion and even controversy.

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Will We Ever Talk Pretty?: David Sedaris and the American Struggle with Foreign Languages
By: Colin Marshall Published: 05/Dec/2017
Themes: L2 Learning People: David Sedaris

Colin Marshall contemplates David Sedaris’s experiences with language-learning… »

Differences between French in Quebec and France: accent, attitude & curse words
By: Benny Lewis at Fluent in 3 Months F3M   Published: 17/May/2011
Languages: French Themes: L2 Learning Immersion

Two years after my experience in Paris, I decided to get back into French and move to Montréal (in 2007). It was a drastically different experience to my time in Paris! Everyone was so incredibly nice to me, people were much less formal and more open to making friends, and they especially had more patience to help me with my French. »

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