Native name: Lisboa
Country: Portugal
  1. Portuguese
Global city cat.: GaWC Alpha- Global Cities
Population (city): 506,891 (2015)
Over 3,000 years old, the Portuguese capital Lisbon (pt: Lisboa) is a sunny, safe, culturally fascinating, and still relatively inexpensive European city – well worth a visit regardless of whether or not you're studying Portuguese.

Due to the winning combination of safety and a relatively low cost of living, Lisbon is increasingly popular as a destination for studying (especially under the Erasmus exchange program), tourism, and expat living (especially among retirees). Nevertheless, it's still a place where you can experience real Portuguese culture and hear the Portuguese language practically everywhere (save, perhaps, for some particularly student- and tourist-infested nightlife spots in Bairo Alto).

Upcoming events

Web Summit (2019)
Lisbon:    04/Nov/2019 – 07/Nov/2019
Tags: Startups


  • University of Lisbon
  • NOVA University of Lisbon


Practical Info For Visitors

Map of Lisbon

1: Jardim da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 2: Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara 3: Praça do Comércio 4: Praça Dom Pedro IV
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