ISO Code: por
Native name: português
Family: Indo-European
Est. L1 speakers: 215,000,000
Est. L2 speakers: 35,000,000
Est. total speakers: 250,000,000
(Co-)official in:
  1. European Union
  2. Mercosur


Well in excess of 200 million people in the world speak Portuguese as a native language and tens of millions more as a second/foreign language, making it one of the top world languages by the number of speakers. With that in mind, it is perhaps a bit perplexing that for a very long time Portuguese was considered almost like Spanish’s little brother and relatively few people in the Anglo-speaking North America were picking it as their first-choice foreign language to study. With the rise of Brazil as a global economic force, this is changing.

Where Portuguese Is Spoken

Portuguese-language Writers

20th century: Fernando Pessoa, José Saramago, Clarice Lispector