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Country: Austria
  1. German
  1. VIE Vienna International Airport 18.6 km
Climate code: Cfb temperate oceanic climate
Global city cat.: GaWC Alpha- Global Cities
Population (city): 1,766,746 (2014) world: 50
Population (metro): 1,829,876 (2001)

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Happy Space
By: The Monocle   Published: 01/Jan/2019
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City dwellers pine for attractive and usable spaces; city planners are beginning to take note. We visit the places where poetic verses are daubed on streets, statues of dogs add a dose of whimsy and ‘playable pavements’ allow children to let off steam.

Vienna Makes Peace With Its Trash
By: Feargus O'Sullivan at City Lab   Published: 27/Jun/2017
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Tags: Vienna

The famously clean Austrian city boasts one of the world’s most innovative waste processing systems.

Podcast Episodes (3 / 3)

Back on track
By: The Urbanist   Released: 10/Jan/2019
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We head to San Francisco to hear how a city can be built on such steep topography, examine Vienna’s plans to reduce property speculation and get an architectural tour of former Yugoslav cities.

Tall Stories 133: Red Vienna
By: The Urbanist   Released: 19/Nov/2018
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Tags: Housing Vienna

Sandwiched between the grassroots Vienna settlement movement and the ascent of fascism in 1934, Red Vienna is a unique example of social housing.

Tall Stories 119: Fritz Wotruba
By: The Urbanist   Released: 13/Aug/2018
Episode URL: »
Tags: Vienna

Far away from the splendours of Vienna’s historic city centre lies a stupendous piece of architecture. It’s all concrete and glass, and it would be a perfect example of brutalist architecture were it not more of a sculpture than a building.

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Housing under Pressure. Dynamics between Centers and Peripheries (2019)
Vienna:    04/Nov/2019 – 06/Nov/2019


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