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Country: France
  1. French
  1. CDG Charles de Gaulle International Airport 22.6 km
  2. ORY Paris-Orly Airport 15.0 km
Climate code: Cfb temperate oceanic climate
Global city cat.: GaWC Alpha+ Global Cities
Population (city): 2,243,833 (2010) world: 42
Population (metro): 10,460,117 (2010)

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Paris Will Make Public Transportation Free for Kids
By: Feargus O'Sullivan at City Lab   Published: 18/Jan/2019
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Tags: Paris

In a plan to help families and reduce car usage, anyone under 11 years old will be able to ride metro and buses for free, as will people with disabilities under 20.

2018 Was the Year of Europe’s War on Cars
By: Feargus O'Sullivan at City Lab   Published: 24/Dec/2018
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From Paris to Madrid, efforts to curb the use of automobiles formed a battleground across Europe.

Riots in Paris
By: City Journal   Published: 07/Dec/2018
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Tags: Paris

The police underestimated the madness of the crowd.

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The golden rules for renting a place in Paris
By: Oliver Gee at The Earful Tower   Released: 26/Nov/2018
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Tags: Paris

New blog and podcast episode: If you're thinking of renting a place in Paris, be warned that it's no walk in the park. Here are some tips from Adrian Leeds, together with the story of one man's gruelling affair trying to find a home of his own. The post The golden rules for renting a place in Paris appeared first on The Earful Tower.

S2E8: Paris Legitimizes with Daniel Levin Becker
By: Colin Marshall at Notebook on Cities and Culture   Released: 20/Sep/2012
Episode URL: »

Colin Marshall sits down in San Francisco's Castro with Daniel Levin Becker, member of the experimental literary group Oulipo, reviews editor at the Believer, and author of Many Subtle Channels: In Praise of Potential Literature. They discuss whether Oulipo membership impresses the ladies; his earlier, long pre-Oulipo days, when he would make mixtapes consisting entirely of songs without the letter "e" in the title; his fascination with taking mundane patterns, applying enough work to them, and making something pretty incredible; palindromes, beau présent, homophones, metro poems, mathematical constraints, and Greimas squares; his Fulbright-enabled stay in Paris to organize Oulipo's junk, which led to his writing a book on the group, and then to their offer of membership even before he thought he had accrued the necessary literary steez; whether Paris retains its status as a literary-minded young American's dream, and its status as a "literary mindfuck" nevertheless; what Paris legitimizes, including but not limited to sexy Orangina animals; "gamification," in the artistic, urban, and Silicon Valley senses; the possible use of Oulipian restrictions in Many Subtle Channels itself; what makes Oulipo distinctively French, and what its irony about the canon may have in common with the irony of D.A.R.E. shirts worn in the United States; the Believer as a representative of west coast United States literary culture, and how the scrappiness of Chicago stands in contrast; and when he suspends his Chicagoan-ness, and how much of that involves not eating spicy meats.


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Famous Expats

Anglos: Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, James Joyce, Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, Sylvia Beach, Gertrude Stein, George Whitman, Mordecai Richler, Adam Gopnik. Plus, Pablo Picasso (ES), Salvador Dalí (ES), Teffi (RU), and thousands of others.

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1: Coutume Café 2: Shakespeare & Co. 3: Station F

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