Native name: Москва (Moskva)
Country: Russia
  1. Russian
Global city cat.: GaWC Alpha Global Cities
Population (city): 12,380,664 (2017) world: 3
Population (metro): 17,100,000 (2017)

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Russian Street Talk
By: Propekt Mag   Published: 18/Jan/2016
Languages: Russian Cities: St. Petersburg Moscow

Growing up in a small town in Idaho, Russia seemed more like a blip in a history lesson than a far away country. I knew little to nothing about Russian culture, the language, the mentality, and I had no Russian friends until last summer. Nonetheless, when I saw the opportunity to study in St. Petersburg, I was intrigued. But man! The language! »

Map of Moscow

1: Starlite Diner 2: US Embassy, Moscow
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