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Country: Germany
  1. German
  1. TXL Berlin-Tegel International Airport 9.3 km
  2. SXF Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport 17.4 km
Climate code: Cfa humid subtropical climate
Global city cat.: GaWC Beta Global Cities
Population (city): 3,469,849 (2015) world: 32

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Berlin’s Massive Housing Push Sparks a Debate About the City’s Future
By: Feargus O'Sullivan at City Lab   Published: 27/Nov/2018
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Tags: Housing Berlin

The German capital has vowed to build 200,000 new homes, with half reserved for affordable rents. But where can they go?

Why Google Rejected Berlin
By: Feargus O'Sullivan at City Lab   Published: 30/Oct/2018
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Tags: Berlin

After a storm of community resistance, the tech giant has reversed its plans to build a new campus in the city’s trendy Kreuzberg district.

A Second Life for Berlin’s Plattenbau
By: Feargus O'Sullivan at City Lab   Published: 06/Sep/2018
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The city is looking to the ubiquitous building type from its Communist past to help solve a housing crunch.

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S2E12: Good Old Shareware with Stan James
By: Colin Marshall at Notebook on Cities and Culture   Released: 08/Oct/2012
Episode URL: »

Colin Marshall sits down in San Francisco's Mission at the Noisebridge hacker space with Stan James, founder of Lijit, creator of the first browser-based massively multiplayer games, co-host of the 7th Kingdom podcast, and author of a book in progress on technology and our minds. They discuss Noisebridge itself and its almost Utopian qualities; how the supernormal stimuli of cat videos create addiction; how his early multiplayer games could created addiction; San Francisco's position as the American city to be in for those with technological interests, not exclusively technological interests; the optimal Mission-style burrito ordering strategy; how we've left the concept of immersion in virtual reality behind in favor of always being at least a little bit on the internet, and how we can see it in the ways we navigate and even date; stepping outside our reactions to new technological developments by going back to Plato; parental disregard for the protocol of Skype calling; his life in Berlin, another city where people go to do projects and make things; how and why he became "Wandering Stan," and the importance he's found of digging into others' lives when he's in actual places; whether younger so-called "digital natives" can better handle technological addictiveness; how wide a swath of the human experience San Francisco offers; how he discovered the difference between his engaged-in-a-project face and his dead-eyed Reddit-browsing face; and how word of Avril Lavigne reached Nepal before it reached him.

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